80 Jobs Lost With Gargatha Adult Home Closure

By Linda CicoiraThe property and buildings at Arcadia Nursing Home and Quail Run Assisted Living in Gargatha are still for sale, but its license is now owned by Smith-Packett, the same company that recently bought Shore Rehab in Parksley when Riverside was going to close it last year.

With the change, the Gargatha home is scheduled to close March 5, leaving 66 people homeless and 80 without employment.

“We’re very, very sorry to hear it,” manager Lisa Nottingham said Thursday. “We took in a lot of the residents that didn’t have family and we love ‘em and now we’re going to have to ship them off. Most of them will wind up across the Bay. Working with Maryland is a process … to get their Medicaid certified.”

“We are looking for beds,” Nottingham continued, “doing our best to concentrate on the residents.” As for the workers, “They’re sticking it out until the end because they’ve been with these residents so long. They feel a professional obligation. We’re family oriented around here. Some of the workers have been here 20 plus years.”

Thirty-two of the residents are on the nursing side. “We’re making efforts trying to make referrals,” Nottingham added. Accomack Administrator Mike Mason said, “the county has had multiple discussions with the court-appointed receiver, the last being in November where we offered our assistance to facilitate discussions with a buyer … should one materialize … The judge … gave approval to initiate closure of the facility back in early November or late October … It was inevitable … if a buyer could not be found, the reality of the facility’s finances would force closure of the facility. Apparently, this point has been reached with the recent closure announcement.”

The receiver indicated to Chairman Robert Crockett, “the residents in the skilled nursing facility could likely be absorbed into available beds at Shore Rehab in Parksley and Heritage Hall” in Nassawadox,” said Mason. “I find some comfort with this statement since it indicates most residents will be able to remain close to their family here on the Shore although I know there will likely be exceptions.”

“My major concern is with the residents of the assisted living facility, Quail Run, because there are very few local options for this type of housing. I am told that profitability for an assisted living facility in this area is difficult to achieve due to the low rates paid by the state. This situation hampers the ability to find a new operator. We have communicated this to our state representatives but I suspect rates don’t get changed overnight, certainly not in enough time to make an immediate impact here.”

Three, or four at the most, came from the closure of buildings at the former G.F. Horne Assisted Living facility in Onancock, she said.

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