Orbital Launches Space Station Re-Supply to Delight of Onlookers

By Connie Morrison — After a scrubbed Saturday launch with just over a minute left on the countdown clock, a cargo delivery to the International Space Station was successfully launched at 7:19 a.m. Sunday. 

A small aircraft strayed into Wallops airspace forcing officials to abort the Saturday send-up, and nearby boats caused officials to push the lift-off to the end of the launch window.

The capsule made its scheduled rendezvous Tuesday, with 7,400 tons of cargo containing supplies to replenish the space station, science experiments, equipment, and computer parts.

The spacecraft will remain attached to the station until early December. After that, it will depart and deploy small satellites before re-entering the earth’s atmosphere in a fireball that will also incinerate trash.

Around 3,700 people were at the Wallops visitors center to view the launch on Saturday. About 1,100 were present the for the slightly earlier Sunday morning launch.

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