Islanders and Others Grieve Another Chincoteague Pony Death From ‘Swamp Cancer’

By Linda Cicoira — Messages of support and grief from across the country were posted on the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Company’s Facebook page this week in response to an announcement that another member of the famous herd of wild ponies died Monday from swamp cancer or pythiosis, a fungal infection.
“Last week I told you all that we weren’t out of the woods yet,” a fire company representative wrote. “Well, today, precious little Rain Dancer galloped over the rainbow bridge. This baby just couldn’t kick it and developed some ligament and tendon issues related to this disease. The buyback
owners have been notified and again, we ask for your patience and support in this matter. Our vet has been up here every other day and of course, our great team of cowboys has basically put their lives on hold attending to these ponies.”
The comments noted the firefighters’ relentless commitment to the ponies. The swamp infection occurs in a wound or cut when the animals stand in water that has pathogens. Areas that don’t have harsh winters are more likely to see problems because the water there doesn’t freeze.
Five other ponies are continuing to recover from the infection.

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