Thanks to All Who Helped Driver in Distress


Dear Editor:
This letter is to express great appreciation to the five helpful souls who stopped to aid me on June 17 when my truck tire shredded on Rt. 13 near Eastville while hauling a loaded trailer.
The roadside was narrow, the trailer complicated the matter, and I was none too sure about how to lower the spare from under the truck. The Samaritans included two mechanics and their friends who called police to block a lane of traffic and who got me back on the road again in short order, averting a potentially disastrous outcome.
As a part-time “come-here” (since 2002), I was impressed from the outset with the friendliness and positive attitudes of people on the Shore. Six months after our home purchase, I knew more people in Willis Wharf than I did in Fairfax, where we had lived for 30 years.
In my seven-plus decades, I have been fortunate enough to live in Europe, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, North Africa, and the Far East. All have their charms but all would struggle to hold a candle to the welcoming nature that is one of this region’s treasures.

Martin Roeber,
Willis Wharf