Solar Energy at a Premium


Dear Editor:

As related to the letter “Candidates’ Alternative Energy Statements Questioned” in the Oct. 18 edition of the Post, Mr. Phillips’ statements, from what I have seen printed, appear to be correct for the Eastern Shore. In regards to the cost of solar energy, I refer readers to the October 2019 issue of Cooperative Living, page 25. It says you can buy all your energy needs from solar, but there is a $5.42 cost for every 50-kilowatt block of solar energy purchased. It states it is higher than standard electricity. Without federal subsidies from taxpayer dollars, solar energy would be much higher than just stated. As for the issue of solar panels on agricultural lands, it is a major political issue in Maryland, Delaware, and North Carolina. Articles concerning this have appeared in the Delmarva Farmer Magazine, Delmarva’s principal magazine for the agricultural industry.

Jim Belote, Onancock