Excellent Article on Affordable Housing


Dear Editor:

I’d like to congratulate Stefanie (Jackson) on her excellent article on affordable housing. The article was very clear as it spelled out the relationships of a large number of different agencies that play a part in this ongoing effort. I think one thing that made this article so understandable was Stefanie’s diligent insertion of the full name of every agency the first time it was mentioned in the article. This is a fundamental concept that largely seems lost in today’s society.

Because Stephanie took the time to do this without fail, throughout the article, the reader is never left wondering who that last player mentioned was or how they fit in the overall scheme of things.

Thank you for writing so professionally.

I would be more than happy for you to publish this accolade, if you feel so inclined.

Either way, thanks for your diligent reporting and excellent writing.

David Boyd, Accomac