Impeachment is Justified


Dear Editor:

In response to the impeachment letter (“Impeachment Is Being Used as a Weapon,” Jan. 10): Impeachment is not being used as a weapon against 45. That could have very easily been said when Clinton was being impeached, because he lied about a sex act that was not forced. This president is being impeached for trying to hold already-allocated money for his own personal gain. If this was OBAMA, would the outcry be the same? NO!!

I understand liking someone based on sharing the same views, but not everyone in America shares those views, and not everyone with opposing views are bad people. This is what makes the world go around.

How much of an idiot are you to think that we will lose the Second Amendment? No matter who the president is, that will always remain. But yes I only think certain individuals need certain weapons.

The Trump administration has lied to the American people more times than days he has been in office. Why should Americans think that is ok? You all wanted change; I am not sure this is the type of divisive change that was warranted. Maybe Elizabeth Warren, which is her name, may not be the best choice for president, but the president should be a person looking for a way to help and benefit ALL Americans rather than the top 1% and himself (45).

Terra Custis,