Supervisors Should Rethink Improvements


Dear Editor:

I read with dismay about the widening of T’s Corner into a four-lane divided highway (“Supervisors Ask VDOT for Improvements to Chincoteague Road,” Jan. 24). I have two concerns:

1. Widening to a four-lane highway from T’s Corner to Atlantic will only cause a bottleneck at Atlantic. A similar situation occurred in Northern Virginia when they widened Rt. 66 to the Beltway. It was nice at the western part of Rt. 66, but the cars have nowhere to go when they reached the Beltway, causing backups, sometimes to the “nice” west part. The second option of widening the shoulders in some areas seems more of a viable solution.

2. My other concern involves the gas tanks at T’s Corner. Will putting a road over these tanks and excess vibrations from the added vehicles cause the tanks to crack/rupture causing an underground gas leak, or worse, an explosion?

It seems the money could be better spent for other transportation issues – paving along Rt,. 13 near the Temperanceville Post office or clearing out drain/ storm ditches along Chincoteague Rd.

I ask the Accomack Board of Supervisors to rethink their improvements!

Amy Eckard