G3 is a Game Changer


Dear Editor:

Unquestionably, the proposed G3 (Get Skilled, Get a Job, Give Back) program’s affordable path to higher wage, high demand jobs will satisfy a major need in Northampton County and is a step in the right direction for the Eastern Shore.

The program levels the playing field for both low- and middle-income families that are often disqualified for financial assistance because family income is at the edge of the qualifying range; either too high or not low enough.

This program will serve a major need and is perfect for Northampton County. The youth of the county are a primary segment of the county’s workforce. Unfortunately, after completing high school many leave the Eastern Shore because their families are financially unable to afford college, there are insufficient jobs available that pay a livable wage or they lack needed skills.

With the younger population on the decline and an increasingly aging population, I have concern for the county’s ability to source and maintain a workforce sufficient to meet the needs of its changing population. In addition to a sustainable workforce, however, there is also a need for sufficient affordable workforce housing which is a county point of focus.

G3 is indeed a game changer.

Jacqueline Chatmon,
Cape Charles