World War II News Clippings Could Be Family Treasures

This news clipping about Thomas Windsor Mears' Navy service during WWII is one of many collected by Doris Edwards Lewis. Her children found the clippings in her belongings after Lewis' death.

By Connie Morrison —

Peggy Holloway and her brothers were going through the belongings of her late parents, Clarence and Doris Edwards Lewis, and came across newspaper clippings her mother had collected of Eastern Shore servicemen during World War II.

Holloway’s father fought World War II in the 42nd Rainbow Division of the U.S. Army, which is known for the liberation of Dachau concentration camp from Nazi forces. He died in 2016.

Her father a WWII veteran, Holloway thought others might like to have the mementos of their own WWII veteran family members and wants to get the newspaper remembrances into their hands.



Anyone interested in the clippings can contact Holloway at 757-710-1700.

Names in the clippings, other than those included on this page, include: brothers Robert W. and Howard Ayers, Ralph T. Boggs, George D. Crosley Jr., Woodrow Edwards, Wade Fletcher Jr., William Herbert “Bill Pete” Guy, Babel James, Norman L. Johnson, Howard W. Kilmon, Harvey James Lewis, twins Benjamin H. and Joseph D. Parks, Harrison Parks, Russell A. Parks, brothers Vernon and William Rew, Fred F. Richardson Jr., Spencer M. Rogers, Charles S. Ross, Charles M. Scott, Braden Ira Shrieves, Fulton T. Shrieves, Leroy Smith,  George Motter Stites, and L. Stanley Vincent.