Vaccination Frustration


Dear Editor:

I am a retired resident of Accomack County that clearly falls within the Phase 1b category for obtaining a COVID-19 vaccination. Today, I called the only three places that I know of to get an appointment for a vaccination.

I started by calling Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital. I was informed by their staff, that I could not get vaccinated because my primary care physician was not employed through Riverside. My second inquiry was through the Accomack County Health Department. There, I was informed that, since I was retired and didn’t work for one of their pre-approved businesses or facilities, I could not get vaccinated. My third, and final inquiry was with the Eastern Shore Rural Health System in Onley, Virginia. I was told by their staff that the earliest that I could get an appoint for a vaccination was either in August or September of this year.

Is it possible for a qualified individual to get a COVID-19 vaccination in Accomack County any sooner than August or September of 2021?

Ira S. Skees, Onancock