Exmore Town Council Failed Its Constituents


Dear Editor:

Regarding the March 5 article, “Exmore Residents Exasperated With Repeated Flooding,” I found laughable the manner in which the Exmore Town Council kicked the can down the road.

Councilman Adkins’ account of his cellar flooding was a pathetic attempt to show “we’re all in this together.” Not everyone in our county can afford “cheap flood insurance” as the councilman stated.

To simply say “no,” as Councilman Doughty did, lacks a willingness to problem solve and improve the lives of the very people who put them in their town council jobs.

The Town Council could actually choose to be proactive and negotiate a contract with VDOT to take on clearing the worst drainage issues with subsequent reimbursement from VDOT. As an interim solution, several jobs may be created.

As it stands now, the council versus drainage ditches score is 0 to 1. Sad indeed.

Paul Fuller, Cape Charles