Accomack Approves Budget With 5% Percent Raise for Employees


By Carol Vaughn —

The Accomack County Board of Supervisors Monday approved a $65 million county budget for fiscal year 2022 that includes no tax or fee increases.
A 5% raise for county employees and $50,000 in seed money for the county’s recently implemented Economic Development Investment Program was included in the resolution approved unanimously by the board.
The two items were amendments to the budget presented for public hearing earlier in March.
The cost to bring raises from 2% to 5% is $352,693, according to Accomack County Administrator Mike Mason.
The increase was proposed in order for county employees to receive the same raise as state-supported local positions, after a state budget was approved with a 5% raise for those positions.
Mason laid out sources of funding for the two items, including a $236,284 increase in state reimbursement from the the Compensation Board; a $50,000 reduction in Comprehensive Services fund transfers; a $20,785 increase in state funding for the voter registrar and electoral board salary; a $50,000 reduction in the amount set aside for the county’s “rainy day” fund; and a projected increase in real estate tax revenue of $45,624 as result of new construction in the county.
The board in separate motions also approved the tax rates, which are unchanged, and the capital improvement plan for the upcoming year.
Library Construction Actions
After meeting in executive session, the board of supervisors took action on three items related to construction of the new public library in Parksley.
Supervisors unanimously approved a three-month extension on the timeline for R.H. Contracting, Inc., to complete the library project, with a reduction in the contract amount of $48,225 to compensate the county for the additional expenses incurred as result.
The board also approved a change order of $27,518, with a two-week extension, for the contractor to relocate roof drain lines at the project.
Additionally, the board approved a change order and written release with architects Waller, Todd, and Sadler for additional management services for the project through July 27 in the amount of $19,072.50, which includes a deduction of $4,500 related to the roof drain lines relocation.