CBBT Should Step Up


Dear Editor:

Twenty million dollars sounds like a lot of money to most people, and it sure is to me. All things being relative, my friends and I all wish that was our business construction budget.

Well, in case some of you haven’t noticed, the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel is happy to call that 1/10th of 1% of their $2 BILLION construction budget for their two tunnels. What’s 1/10 of 1% of your household budget?

I don’t understand our county supervisors and the management of the CBBT. I think they all should have gotten together and decided to have the CBBT donate to Northampton and Accomack counties $10 million each for serious world-class digital school libraries.

We give CBBT our blessing to be a Wonder of The World, a tourist destination, and a really bright future for 50-plus years. In return they give us congested roads, more difficult to maintain roads, speeders, lots of litter, and some low paying jobs out on the highway with difficult schedules, also for 50 years. Who is getting the better deal? Is it time we get something else?

One-tenth of 1% would not only create the libraries, but would set money aside in an interest-bearing escrow account to pay most, if not all the bills for both annual library budgets going forward.

Is it time to get something back for our kids to try to break the chain of low income here? Many parents here cringe at the mere thought of paying that toll even with the discount. Should the CBBT help our kids, and therefore the Shore, pursue a brighter future like we do them?

Jack Gibson