Causeway is Dangerous


Dear Editor:

Kudos to Denise Bowden for her comment, “The Chincoteague causeway is one of the most dangerous stretches of road on the Eastern Shore … leading to one of the most popular places on the Eastern Shore.”

I know a lot of us who travel the causeway frequently get impatient when we find ourselves behind a slow-moving vehicle. Whether a truck delivering goods, a motor home, or the newcomer to our island who wants to see every duck and egret, I would rather be following one of those slowpokes than have the impatient driver fly past me risking themselves and other travelers on the causeway.

After the recent paving and new line painting, I couldn’t help notice when heading westbound there are new passing dashes leading up to Mosquito Creek bridge. Heading west, oncoming traffic is not visible. Passing is permitted right up to the base of the bridge. Someone may want to rethink that option.

Kathy Scott, Chincoteague Island

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