The Case for Sunday Voting


Dear Editor:

Last March, the Virginia legislature passed a law permitting local election officials to open their offices on Sundays to in-person voters during the 45-day early voting period preceding an election. The Northampton County Electoral Board is considering adding a Sunday to the voting calendar this year. Oct. 17 would be a logical choice as this date is the end of a short week because the previous Monday is Columbus Day.

I urge our electoral board to consider the Sunday voting practice of the majority of European and South American countries and a number of U.S. states. Sunday voting will help ensure every member of the county’s electorate has an opportunity to vote. The fact is, Sunday is the only day of the week many are able to vote.

During the height of the COVID-19 crisis it was demonstrated Saturday voting was both doable and popular. We must shift from our Tuesday election day mentality. Tuesday was appropriate when America was largely an agrarian culture; however, it’s time we joined modern global society on Election Day.

Bill Payne
Cape Charles

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