Many Shore Families Worthy of Remembrance


Dear Editor:

I’d like to thank both Mr. Payne and Mr. Landis for their letters in recent editions of the Eastern Shore Post. They each bring a broad and helpful perspective to events on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, both from the past and the present and ideally, they will inform the future.

I agree with Sunday voting. Heck, why not internet voting? Under secure and controlled conditions (one vote for each person, no more, no less) is something our Founding Fathers would smile upon. Too many people do not make it to the polls to express their personal opinions and sentiments. That is just wrong! Too many heroes, among them, Abel Upshur, died in the name of this country and to neglect to use one of the fundamental rights they have fought for, and died for, is disrespectful, and frankly, un-American.

I am a fan of the founding fathers. They unfortunately lived in different times. Slavery is a fact, and it has flourished throughout time and remains to this day. “Free your mind from mental slavery,” Bob Marley once sang proudly. Jefferson believed in the profound right of the individual to do whatever they wanted, provided it did not disadvantage or dispossess another of the same.

Abel Upshur, A.T. Carter, Thomas Savage, Lucius Kellam, the Laughing King of Accawmacke, Robert Bloxom, Sr., Senator Fears, Gov. Wise, Duers, Prettyman, Thomas, White, Baldwin, Eyre, Judge Lankford, Capt. Walker of Nassawadox, Gertrude Whitehead, Thomas Scott, Burleigh Tatum, and countless others — Revells, James, Robins, Horsey, Northam (yes, Northam), Joynes, Booles, Godwins, Gibbons, Kellams, Outtens, and Arnolds, etc. — have built and still live on this Eastern Shore.

We love it, work to preserve what’s good, improve and fix what is wrong, and live together for the good of ALL.

I propose we honor Abel Upshur, one of the most distinguished citizens of the Eastern Shore with a new memorial. Name the new Eastern Shore Public Library and Heritage Center after him, and all the heroes of the Shore. Erect a statue in both Parksley nd Nassawadox, close to his home at Vaucluse Shores.

My family and the Lipman Family have made a pledge that totals $25,000 in honor of our families for this worthy cause. Have you done your part? A donation of any amount is welcome.

Join us, please, as we close the gap and build not only a library, but a testament to the sturdiest people in Virginia. The tide is rising in many ways here, and my roots here go back many years, my wife’s family even further. Many of you even more.

Thank you for reading this. God Bless the United States of America, our Armed Forces, our governments and most of all where it all starts. Our people. All of us.

Ron Matthews, Little Hell

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