Eastville Story Was Newsworthy


Dear Editor:

This is in response to former police officer Bob Fears’ letter characterizing coverage of an on duty police officer, paid and in full uniform, putting out his boss’s campaign signs as unnewsworthy.

If Mr. Fears thinks this is appropriate, then I am glad he is a “former” police officer.

I do not think the sheriff of Northampton County makes too much money, as alleged by Mr. Fears. I think he is an honest, very hardworking officer with immense responsibilities. In fact, I think he deserves a raise.

I do think that Rob Stubbs, acting police chief of a five-man traffic police detail, makes too much money. His pay exceeded Sheriff Doughty’s, with Stubbs making as much as $106,000 in one year as second in command. This is in a town of about 350 residents. He did not have to wrestle many drunks, or respond to many shootings; these mostly happen late at night. The Northampton County Sheriff’s Department cleans up Eastville’s late-night trash, because the Eastville Police Department exists for one reason: making a big profit off of daytime speeders.

Please get informed before you throw too many stones.

Stuart Oliver,