Chincoteague Must Address Sewage


Dear Editor:

A comment during a Chincoteague city council meeting by owners of the Whiteraven’s Nest indicated that during heavy rain events sewage smells occur on or in the area of their property. This is not uncommon throughout Chincoteague in some areas.

This brought to mind an image with both an aerial photograph of Chincoteague in the 1960s and present day showing a huge development of the real estate on the island. Also, a community climate outlook for Accomack County published this year ( highlighted future septic backups and ground water pollution will occur from climate change.

The ground water pollution on the island will need a detailed environmental assessment at some point as time is running out. As this pollution affects the surrounding wetlands and bays do we continue to develop? Or pause until an assessment can be accomplished then make the right development choices?

Rick Rhoads,

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